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Kanarie SmartHome System.

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why change?

People everywhere are making smarter choices when it comes to the environment.


They’re recycling more, using sustainable materials, buying energy efficient appliances, driving electric vehicles and… they’re making their homes smarter. That’s what inspired us to create the Kanarie SmartHome System.

Kanarie SmartHome System

Break away from the traditional breaker box.

Gone are the days when a circuit breaker just helped protect your home. With the Kanarie SmartHome System, they’ll now also be able to tell you when, where and how much energy is being used. Designed to help people take control of their energy use for a more efficient home and reduced carbon footprint — this safe and secure cloud-integrated solution gives homeowners valuable insight into their home energy usage.

Monitors energy usage in real-time

Identifies inefficiencies that may increase utility costs

Provides trends on household energy use

And the best part? There’s no need to hire an electrician for installation. Our wireless plug and play design is easy to install and can be used with a home’s existing electrical panel. Homeowners choose the number of Kanarie SmartBreakers that are right for their home, and plug it in. Controlling energy use at home has never been easier.





MyKanarie App

Monitor energy usage
anytime, anywhere.


Once the Kanarie SmartHome System has been installed, homeowners can stay connected to their home 24/7 with the MyKanarie App. Easily accessed via a smartphone, tablet or desktop — this app provides secure, real-time updates to give homeowners a clear view of their:

Daily, weekly, monthly, annual energy usage

Energy usage for each individual electrical branch

Compare energy usage to nearby homes

Plus, they will receive tips on how to reduce their energy use. Homeowners can then use those results and make changes throughout their home that can help decrease energy consumption, lower utility costs and ultimately…reduce their carbon footprint.

our expertise

Doing our part… to help homeowners do theirs.


 We’ll be honest — we’ve got a soft spot for Mother Earth. We never take her for granted and want to do our part to make this the best home for our children. Our team is already reducing our carbon footprint in other ways, but saw this as another opportunity to make a difference. We see what’s happening to the environment around us, and combined our passion for the planet with our engineering expertise to create this smart, simple, accessible solution for homes.

the future

Empower yourself to make a change.

There are global environmental challenges happening every day. But with innovative products like our Kanarie SmartHome System (available 2021), homeowners can make a difference… even from the comfort of their own home. Sign up to stay posted on the latest news and information about this product, and other smart solutions from Kanarie. Making small changes today…can help us all make a big impact tomorrow.